How we plan to evolve in iUPixel!

Future iUPixel Timeline

Q4 2020

1st. Yield: Balancer Index Pool (with 8 other projects) powered by Opes Finance & Release of iUPixel website.
*Balancer Pool Contract: 0x5B2dC8c02728e8FB6aeA03a622c3849875A48801
iUPixels Circulating Supply 204,999,998 / Market Cap: $972,644
85% of circulating supply locked for 13 months on Bees.Social

Q1 2021

Development of 1st iUPixel product (BDMC)
Release of iUPixel whitepaper.
Uniswap PIXEL/wPE pair is created & iUPixel LP Rewards starts on Bees.Social

Q2 2021

BDMC Release & Establishment of the iU Protocol Treasury contract on the ETH blockchain.
(Proof of Concept and Treasury building phase)
Ongoing BDMC updates/upgrades and PIXEL token distribution dynamics.

Q3 2021

Release of the WEB3 iU Protocol Whitepaper
iU Protocol Development
What else do you want to see? :)