Pools & Yield Farming

Do you think your TV would be as much fun if it only had 1 pixel? We bet watching flies would be way more interesting. That’s why we have the Pixel pool, so you can help us build the biggest screen of pixels that exist in the world. We’ll make sure to only exhibit worthy immersive experiences.
Initially, we started with just a $PIXEL pool, but since then we've added and continue to add new pools for all of our pixelated people. If you want to see the latest on pools, you can visit
If you are part of our pixelated people that’s already in our iUPixel Canvas, AKA BDMC, you will want to farm more $PIXEL. We will have plenty of opportunities to grow your $PIXEL.
iUPixel started with one initial farm:
Since then we have continually added farms for well known projects and new partners. Stay tuned anytime you'd like to see the latest farm offerings!