DAO Governance

Everything you need to know about iUDAO
The iU DAO is a governance layer for the iU Protocol. Anyone interested in having active participation in the protocol can do it by holding iU governance tokens, which will allow for proposals and voting power.
A temporary version of the DAO will be released with public participation of the founders, early investors and core team. Once the iU Protocol launches, the temporary DAO will cease to exist and all resources available will be transferred to the iU DAO.


The Treasury will be available for Grants, Loans, Credits and other needs that the Companies operating on the iU Protocol may require. It will also have a fixed percentage always available for changes to the iU Protocol itself, always through proposal and voting.
The percentage of coins providing liquidity to the Treasury are to be determined but most likely will be a combination of ETH, Stable Coins and iU Finance Coin.
The initial Treasury will be established by the iU Pixel utility in an automated manner through smart contract, and the initial decision making on the use of the Treasury funds will require onchain proposal and voting through the temporary DAO.